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Send a “Love?” for my muse to date yours for 2 days

"Out of all the people that could of sent this, its you. But hopefully two days isn’t that bad so i might live.” Hana huffs in an agitated tone, “This better be worth it.”

"…I can’t think of anymore." He picked up the spoon from before, and tapped it on the table, a bored expression on his face.

"So what’s next? A movie? A theme park? Or we can stop wasting time-" He grinned.

"I was about to call the game off anyways as well. And an amusement park sounds interesting than your other ideas." She shrugs and looks over at him, ignoring his last comment.

A huff as Bruce stood and walked over to her seat.

"You’re hot in all," He chuckled, reaching down to grip her hand.,

"But pretty boring."

The next moment they were at an amusement park, filled with people. Screaming crowds on roller coasters and children begging for more cotton candy.

"They’re not real. But pretty damn close." He clarified quickly as he walking through the crowd, her hand still in his grip.

"Well you’re no prize either." She huffs as she gets dragged around by Bruce.

"At least its nice here and we probably don’t have to wait in lines, too. Right?" She looks around as they pass the people.

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