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✗ - Worst injuries they’ve ever gotten

✿ - What flower(s) best represent them

✺ - Most difficult thing they’ve done

☾- What thoughts keep them up at night

✔ - Something they would love to try

♡ - What comforts them when they’re scared/upset?

✍ - If they could rewrite a memory, which one would they rewrite, and why?

☄ - If they could have any power, what would it be, any why?

∞ - Would they choose immortality if given the choice, why or why not?

  • everymanhybrid:

    we're gonna teach you how to eat healthy

  • tribetwelve:

    this is for the twelve tribes of israel

  • mlandersen0:

    this is for my doctor

  • keratingarden:

    this is for doing your nails

  • darkharvest00:

    a door closed by itself

  • whisperedfaith:

    i woke up at three in the morning for no reason

  • marble hornets:

    please call the police

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